22th International Karstological School ''Classical karst''

The research team from the Croatian Herpetological Society and Society for Karst Research-Freatik participated in 22th International Karstological School ''Classical karst'' and the main topic was ''Karts and microorganisms'' and it was held from 16th-20th of June 2014 in Postojna, Slovenia.

We presented new methodology of studying the population of Proteus anguinus species (Olm), which is implemented in 6 different cave systems and cave-diving techniques used in Olm conservation project. Through a poster presentation we tried to inform scientific community about Olm research and it's progress. Consequently we presented and discussed about additional research areas for defining protection zone/s which is one of the main project goals. It is paramount to include geology (classifying rocks, determining geological structure etc.), hydrogeology (defining drainage areas, points of water input to cave system etc.), geochemistry (water quality monitoring, conductivity, pH etc.) studies and GIS technology for that specific purpose. During the congress we gathered information on the possibility of using microbiological parameters and investigations to determine protocols for monitoring the stability of Proteus anguinus habitat. In addition we discussed problems with using above mentioned data in inferring conclusions about the definition of protection zone/s.

Poster authors: Petra Konrad Kovač, Bojan Karaica, Marko Budić
Project: Project PROTEUS – Olm conservation project, financed by MAVA fondation


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