„Water pearls of the Adriatic Islands“ BEST photo competition

Dear nature enthusiasts, join us in discovering the alluring water pearls of the Adriatic Islands! Grab your cameras and start searching for wetlands in your area. Discover your inner field photographer and forever preserve a sliver of nature or your heritage. Your photo might be included in the travelling exhibition and help raise awareness about the importance of wetland habitats and the need for their protection!


Like all competitions, there are a few simple rules:

1. One photo per applicant per wetland habitat. This means that for every new wetland you visit (and send us the photo!) you increase your chances of winning! the opportunities are endless, use them to your advantage!
2. The photo must show a pond or any other wetland habitat from a Croatian island.

3. Be creative, leave us in awe with your photo and show through it the value and beauty of wetlands! Aside from containing a wide variety of plant and animal life, do not forget that some of them (i.e. ponds, streams) always had a deep connection with people and are a part of their cultural heritage. Capture the moment – a frog jumping into the water, a dragonfly resting on some reeds, charming water lilies, children playing in a creek, a grandpa scooping up some water, or a pond at dawn's early light – we don't have a preference. Just remember to always include the wetland in the photo!

4. Shoot for the best possible quality you can get. That way you will increase the chances of your photo being chosen for the exhibition.

5. You must name your photos as follows: Name_Surname_name of the Island (i.e. John_Smith_Cres). If you're sending multiple photos from the same island, add a number at the end of the filename.

6. Send your photos to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7. Include the following information in your e-mail:
- your name, surname and contact information (phone/mobile number)
- the date the photo was taken
- the island, the settlement closest to the wetland in the photo (geographic coordinates are most certainly welcome), and the name of the wetland if it has one (i.e. Maslač Stream, Lumbarda Pond etc.).
- name of the photo, i.e. "the frog's love song echoes around a pond on Korčula"

8. Submissions are accepted till 15 April 2018.

Public voting on our Facebook page will be held, to decide which 20 photos from the "sea" of received submissions will embark on an adventure by being a part of the travelling exhibition "Water pearls of the Adriatic Islands" in 2018. All information pertaining to the exhibition will be posted in due time on our social media profiles and sent to all participants via e-mail. Of the chosen 20, those three who went the extra mile will be additionally rewarded! How? By getting the Hyla T-shirt, planner and "wetland pearly jewellery" – you're certainly wondering what that might be, aren't you? Participate and find out! Win and become part of the Adriatic pearl necklace!

What are you waiting for? Go, get the perfect shot and bring the mysterious beauty of Adriatic Islands closer to the world!

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