Field research of Balkan pond turtle

Balkan pond turtle, Mauremys rivulata, was at the center of our attention from 18. to 26. July this year. when we visited the Dubrovnik-Neretva county. For the first few days we were in Konavle field where we did population research of the turtle with the help of the capture/mark/recapture method.


Riječna kornjača Postavljanje vrša

After four days of hard work and one hundred captured and marked turtles we went to the Ston field. Our goal was to find Balkan pond turtles and map the locations on which it can be found, since in the last several years on this area only one individual was found. We are thankful to the Dubrovnik-Neretva public institution on organising the accomodation and to local firemen on their hospitality.


Riječna kornjača - jedinka

During the whole field research we also gathered entomological material for the Dubrovnik Natural History Museum.


Riječna kornjača-sakupljanje entomološkog materijala


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