EVS Contact Making Seminar, Mollina

From 25 to 30 August our employee Mak Vujanović participated in the EVS Contact Making Seminar in Mollina, a Spanish town near Malaga. There were 24 people from all over Europe, either as a part of an NGO, college or public body with EVS accreditation, mostly with little experience in doing European volunteering projects. Participants from Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Hungary and Croatia got to know each other, exchange contacts and experiences, and laid the foundation for future cooperation.


EVS početna


Participants got to know each other through group games, and everybody introduced their country with creative TV commercial and delicacies which were presented at the intercultural evening. Every participant had exactly ten minutes to present their organisation and its EVS activities through a presentation and self-made poster, which could be examined by other participants, to evaluate if that particular organisation suits their needs.


EVS prezentacija

EVS interkulturalna večer


All participants felt like a part of the team, and the small team-building activity surely contributed to that: groups of five or six people walked through picturesque Mollina and tried to complete tasks which included taking group photos, learning facts about the town and getting to know each other.


EVS Mollina


„EVS speed dates“ were a big hit, where participants, two at a time, tried to get on the same frequency and achieve a deal about future cooperation in no more than 15 minutes. Through that kind of dialogue you can connect with the individuals you just met and realize you have a lot in common about problems and challenges which may await you during the application and implementation of EVS projects.


EVS speed date


The feeling of affiliation to a bigger group reminded us for a while of volunteering in a foreign country, which will also help us during our managing of volunteers. It is pretty rare to meet your EVS partner and talk to them in person and this contact is one of the most valuable experiences of this seminar.


EVS grupna


This seminar proved to be extremely necessary for Hyla, an very young association in regards to volunteering projects, and opened the door to the intereuropean volunteering network, but also brought knowledge for the general management of volunteers.

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