Workshop for managing of volunteers, Orahovica, EVS

From 4. to 7. July 2017 in Orahovica, our employee Mak Vujanović participated on a workshop for managing of volunteers, with the emphasis on EVS, organised by Osijek Red Cross. Along with other people employed in various associations across Croatia he learned a lot about volunteers and volunteering projects.


Thirteen participants, whose age ranged from 18 to 60, listened to interactive lectures through presentations, did mind exercises, played educational games, solved group quizzes about volunteering themes and thoroughly discussed various elements of volunteering management. Most of the participants had some experience with handling of the volunteers before this workshop, and those who had more experience regularly helped and guided those with less experience.




However, presentations were scarce and main focus were mind exercises and small workshops about examples and real life situations pertaining volunteers. How to pick a volunteer, what work should and shouldn't you give to a volunteer, how to encourage them, how to solve various problems that may arise while managing volunteers, ethical dilemmas, gaining trust etc.





This workshop will greatly help us in our volunteer management on our project about the protection of Adriatic wetlands, financed by MAVA. We are organizing a web of volunteers which will include various people from all visited islands during our project, and the goal is to connect all islanders who care about the nature protection. There are not a lot of employees in our organization so we cannot be active all the time and in all the places so this is a great way to include local people in active wetland protection.





We gained an important insight on management of volunteers, especially on better coordination of our wetland volunteers, and gained lots of knowledge from trainers but also from other participants who work in associations more experienced in these matters than ours. What is crucial, we connected with various organisations and created foundation for cooperation and mutual helping with a goal of quality volunteer management, in our protection of wetlands project, but also in volunteering projects in general.




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