Orchid Days 2017., Radoboj

On Friday and Saturday, 12 and 13 May, the „Orchid Days“ in Radoboj were held within the 7th Botanical Gardens, Arboretums and Botanical Collections Week. It was organised by the Public Institution for Management of Protected Nature Areas of Krapina-Zagorje County.

On Saturday a talk from the „Snakes on the Hill“ educational project was given by our employee Mladen Zadravec, titled „Is there a connection between snakes and orchids?“. Afterwards the visitors were divided into several groups and walked along the „Orchid Trails“ hiking-educational path, to see orchids in their natural habitats. Mladen and our members and volunteers Vitomir, Barbara, Vesna and Mario joined the groups and gave the visitors the opportunity to se nose-horned vipers (Vipera ammodytes) up close. Since this is a snake species which has an ill reputation among the general public, we used this opportunity to dispell fears and prejudices against snakes, while pointing out how to properly move about in nature, how to behave when encountering a snake and what are propper first aid techniques. The positive influence on the visitors was evident in the switch from negative to positive reactions to the nose-horned vipers.

Below you can see some photographs from the manifestation:

20170513 110511 predavanje MZ

20170513 102058 publika MZ

IMG 3708 grupa MZ

IMG 3712 poskok MZ

IMG 3721 poskok MZ

IMG 3728 grupa MZ


We would like to thank the employees of the Public Institution, especially Dijana and Petra, for another lovely gathering in Radoboj.

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