Field research as a part of Yucatan anchialine fauna project

From 07 March till 17 March 2016 our employee Petra Kovač-Konrad participated on a field research as a part of Yucatan anchialine fauna project in Mexico. Univesidad Autonoma de Mexico, Departamento de Zoologia conducted the project in cooperation with Texas A&M University in Galveston.


1 Ronjenje u cenote Zapote

                                                           Zapote cenotes


2 Ronjenje u sustavu Nohoch nah chich

                                                   Nohoch Nah Chich cenotes


Dr. Fernando Alvarez is the project manager and Pepe Villalobos, Adriana Berladini, Adriana Alanis, Brenda Duran, Sergio Abdiel Benítez León, Oliver Velazquez, Olinka Cortes, Alberto Mora, Rachel Roenfeldt and dr. Thomas Ilife also participated. Biodiversity of cenotes* as anchialine eco-systems was researched. Jailhouse cenotes were visited which are a part of Ox Bel Ha, Nohoch Nah Chich cenotes which are a part of Sac Actun system, Alamo cenotes and Zapote cenotes.


3 Sakupljanje faune i mjerenje fizikalno kemijskih parametara

  Gathering of fauna samples and measuring
       of physical and chemical parameters


4 Sakupljanje Planktona

                                                    Plankton gathering


The goal of the project was to collect samples of fauna, measure physical and chemical parameters of water, make a video for a documentary and make a photo documentation. This research is the beginning of a long international cooperation with Univesidad Autonoma de Mexico during which data about underwater cave systems and karst will be collected. At the end of June there will be another field research and joint application for the project.


* - Cenote - Wikipedia

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