Workshop about strategical planning of Hyla

Between 15. and 19. February 2016. the workshop about further structuring of our society and also about the strenghtening of one of the most valuable projects which Hyla is planning to do in the next two years. MAVA foundation financed the workshop, and the moderator was Ilke Tinders from the Foundation of Succes (FOS). Our strategic partners from Croatia and the region also participated on the workshop. (BIOM, WWF Adria, IUCN SEE, ATRA and HIB)



We became acquainted with the Open standards methodology and we made a new Theory of change of Hyla based on our three year strategic plan.
In the second part of the workshop we discussed about joint participation in the project with our partners and we strenghtened the relationships between the organisations. Last week was intellectually demanding and time-consuming, but we think that we will use the acquired knowledge to improve our work and the status of our organisation in the future.


MAVA Sastanak-crop

We would like to thank MAVA foundation for all the help which they gave us and still giving us. We would like to thank all our partners which participated in this extremely important workshop. We think that we built good foundations for future collaboration and we are looking forward for all the interesting projects that lay ahead of us.


MAVA Zajednička petak-crop

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