First systematic research of butterflies in the Medvednica Nature Park

Medvednica Nature Park is located near Zagreb and it has always been one of the top picnic places in the city. Did you know that the butterflies of Medvednica Nature Park haven't been systematically researched and that until now there hasn't been a comprehensive list of them? Only the individual data about butterflies of Medvednica can be found in old scientific papers or museum collections, which are 50-100 years old.


Med Boloria selene Lepidoptera

Boloria selene

During the last year we have done the first systematic research of the butterflies of Medvednica Nature Park, financed by the Park itself. We recorded 84 different species of butterflies on 33 locations. Along with previously known data from the literature, the number of butterflies recorded on Medvednica is 123 species, or 62% of Croatian butterflies. This is a very high number, especially if we take into account a small number of suitable habitats for butterflies on the mountain. The most interesting habitats are dry thermophilic lawns on Vejalnica and fragments of moist lawns on the northern Medvednica. On the other hand, peak zone meadows are no longer suitable habitats for butterflies, because of the extensive mowing and a lack of honey plants.


Med Melanargia galathea Lepidoptera

Melanargia galathea

We managed to record a few species which can be found on the Red list of butterflies of Croatia. Ten species that are near threatened (NT) and one species on list without enough data (DD).


Med Papilio machaon Lepidoptera

Papilio machaon

This is only the first in a series of researches of butterflies in the Medvednica Nature Park and with the further research the number of recoreded species can be increased. It should be noted that we couldn't confirm 39 species that were recorded in the Park or near it in the past, so it's possible that some of these species have completely vanished within the Park area.


Med Scolitantides orion Lepidoptera

Scolitantides orion

If you take a photograph of a butterfly during your walk through the Medvednica Nature Park, feel free to send us a photo and we will as soon as possible contact you and tell you what species you encountered!



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