Newly recorded species in the orchid garden of Prigorje

In Prigorje, on the eastern slopes of Medvednica Mt., lies a wonderful natural orchid garden. Every year around 25 taxa of this wonderous plant family bloom there. Recently, two new taxa have been found: the monkey and Beyrich's orchids. The monkey orchid is quite common in the Mediterranean part of the country, but in the continental part, especially around Zagreb, it is very rare. Our find represents the first record of this species in the eastern Prigorje of Medvednica after the 1952 record from neighbouring Pečovje! The Beyrich's orchid has, until now, been missing from the list of Croatian flora. Examining the literature, we found out that a 26-year old find from central Istria exists, and our finds from Vugrovec represent the first records of this species for continental Croatia, adding one more species to the list of Croatian flora!


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Orchis simia/beyrichii



Photo: monkey orchid (Orchis simia) (V. Zadravec)

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