Field trip to Nature park Telašćica on island of Dugi otok

During 2014. we visited Telašćica Nature park to carry out our project "Monitoring of Green toad and European tree frog and inventory of odonata fauna in Nature park Telačćica". During our two field trips we recorded 17 odonata species, which represents 23,94% of  the total number of dragonfl y species so far recorded in Croatia.


Žmanska jezera lipanj Aeshna affinis muzjak Kopiraj   

Only two species of amphibians inhabit the area of the Nature parkGreen toad (Pseudophyllidea viridis) and European tree frog (Hyla arborea). During our field trips we visited 7 ponds and on some of them verify the frog presence. The goal of our project was to make a monitoring program for Green toad and Europaean green frog, so on every visited pond were trying to determine the best methods for thein monitoring.

Apart from Green toad and European tree frog in the area of Nature park and near surroundings, we also recorded invasive species of turtle Trachemys scripta scripta and tree species of snake:  Montpellies snake (Malpolon monspessulanus), European ratsnake (Zamenis situla), Grass snake (Natrix natrix).

lokva Dugo polje Hyla arborea lipanj Kopiraj   Bufo viridis Kopiraj

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