Round table on protection of Dinaric lizards and their habitats in Montenegro

Montenegrin Ecological Society organized a round table on protection of Dinaric lizards and their habitats was held in Podgorica, Montenegro on 16th of December 2014. The topic of this workshop was protection of Mosor Rock Lizard (Dinarolacerta mosorensis) that also lives and was described on area of Republic of Croatia and Prokletije Rock Lizard (Dinarolacerta montenegrina).


Montenegrin non-governmental sector, local authorities, Natural history museum in Montenegro, Ecological inspection and Croatian Herpetological Society – Hyla participated in this event where the president of CHS - Hyla shared Croatian experiences in protection of Mosor Rock Lizard.

Through this workshop all the researched localities in Montenegro, factors that influence the vulnerability of these species (fires and exploitation of Munika pine), and all the results that came out of the study of Dinaric Lizards in Montenegro were presented. Finally, this round table brought conclusions about further steps towards more quality protection of Dinaric Lizards.

You can read more about this project on following link:

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