Natura 2000 Management Workshop

Members of Croatian Herpetological Society – Hyla participated in „Natura 2000 Management Workshop“ held in Budapest, Hungary on 22nd and 23rd of September 2014. The workshop was organised by CEEweb for Biodiversity with the cooperation of ECNC (European Center for Nature Conservation) and support of the European Commission to address key management issues in the Alpine and the Continental/Pannonian/Steppic and Black Sea biomes.


Main focus of this workshop was on Alpine and Continental/Pannonian forest management - discussing management options and financing possibilities. In the library of CHS Hyla you can now find and read following publications: „The Economic Benefits of Natura 2000 – Factsheet“, „Financing Natura 2000 (EU Funding Opportunities in 2014 – 2020) – Guidance Handbook“, „The Economic Benefits of the Natura 2000 Network“ and „Four Highlights from Natura 2000 Forests (NGO Recommendations on Management)“.

nat bud

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